The SUR performs useful work

Labor inspector of the Black sea-Azov territorial organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (CHATO SUR) Evgeniy Bangert visited two vessels in the port of Novorossiysk   Byzantion (IMO 9315898, flag of Greece) and Sierra  (IMO 9147447, flag of the Russian Federation).

On the first vessel  he was met by a international crew consisting of Greeks, Filipinos, and a Romanian. He did not find any descriptions with the documents on board: the seafarers have individual contracts, the crew does not complain about working conditions, and everyone gets paid on time. In addition the m/v Byzantion is in good technical condition, at least the trade Union inspector did not find any problems.

The second vessel, the Sierra, flies the Russian flag. There are 26 people on board, all the citizens of the Russian Federation.

The vessel is not covered by the collective agreement but the  individual contracts  comply with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. The salary level could not be specified, but according to the seafarers there are no problems with payments so they receive money on time. Evgeniy Bangert added that on both vessels he was able to talked to the crewmembers about  protection of their  rights in case of problems. So he detailed recommendations on how to act in a particular situation to resolve the conflict during the voyage.

By the way the crewmembers of Byzantion and Sierra noted that they are aware about the Seafarers Union of Russia's work and consider it useful for seafarers.