Create an organization and direct it in the right direction

This was the  task  the team of  territorial organizatio of SUR in Sevastopol dealt successfully.  The delegates of the election conference confirmed it and elected Artem Boev for a new presidential term. They agreed that a lot of work has been done in the period from 2015 to 2020.

So at this time organization actively worked to attract new members to the Union, responded to the complaints of seafarers, worked closely with the Sevastopol transport Prosecutor's office which allowed to identify a number of substandard crewing agencies and stop their illegal activities. Thanks to the  interaction with the harbour master of the port of Ssevastopol many complaints of crewmembers, first of all regarding unpaid wages, were resolved faster and easier.

Special attention was paid to interacting with young people and cadets because they are the future of the industry and the SUR. Membership in a trade Union helps seafarers not only solve production problems but also provides other advantages, such as discounts on holidays in Crimea.The organization's plans for the future are not to lower the bar.

We face difficult tasks because we work in one of the most difficult regions of our country, - said Artem Boev during the conference. Despite all the difficulties, we cannot leave the seafarers alone with problems and we must make every effort to ensure that the rights and interests of seafarers in our region are protected and represented at the national and international levels.