M / v Heuenfelde was reflagged but it did not affect the crew

On January 31 Lyudmila Izmalkova, technical inspector of labor of the Kaliningrad regional organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia, visited the m/v Heuenfelde (IMO 9231846). The reason for the visit was the reflagging of the vessel from the German flag to Antigua and Barbuda.

As per information from Lyudmila Izmalkova the ship operates on the Poland Express line and constantly calls at the ports of Gdynia, Hamburg, Kaliningrad. Last year the owner of the vessel changed as well as her name and flag. That's why it was decided to talk with the crew and find out how they work under the flag of convenience. Fortunately nothing has changed for the crew as they are satisfied with the working conditions, there are no wage arrears. Indeed in the light of the recent reflagging from the national flag to the convenient working conditions for seafarers could have deteriorated significantly as such flag is good for shipowners because it is possible to reduce the costs of any without consequences, including the payroll fund. However there is nothing to worry about in this as the vessel is covered by IBF collective agreement. The minimum guaranteed wage of AB according to the agreement scale is $ 1591, cadet - $ 600.

The Romanian captain proved to be a very sociable person. It turned out that he knows about the Seafarers Union of Russia since he has a lot of friends and colleagues from our country, added Lyudmila Izmalkova.