ITF in Russia obtained more than $ 2 million of unpaid wage

The Inspection of the International Federation of Transport Workers in Russia has summed up the work of its inspectors in 2019. $ 2 161 806 of unpaid wages were returned to the  seafarers who applied for ITF assistance in Russian ports. As it becomes clear wage arrears are still a serious problem. Therefore the work of the ITF coordinator and inspectors plays an important role in protecting the rights of crewmembers.

ITF representatives visit ships, monitor the availability and implementation of collective bargaining agreements, monitor working conditions, and help seafarers and their families to solve problems. Last year the ITF inspection in Russia conducted 476 ship inspections. United crew of the inspectorate consist of Vadim Mamontov from the port of Kaliningrad, Kirill Pavlov from St. Petersburg, Olga Ananina from Novorossiysk and  Petr Osichanskiy from Vladivostok. Their work is coordinated by Sergey Fishov.

The International Federation of Transport Workers is currently represented in 119 ports of 56 countries. The organization annually provides invaluable assistance to seafarers faced with difficulties. Work to protect their rights will continue in 2020