1,500 foreign seafarers became guests of the Nakhodka Interclub in 2019

About 1,500 foreign seafarers from more than 800 vessels visited the International Seafarers Clubof Nakhodkain 2019. The Interclub hosted guests from all over the world - Croats, Poles, Latvians, Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans, Indians, Indonesians, Thais, seafarers from Myanmar and, of course, Russians from all parts of the country. They all found here   a place where they can relax from work at sea and get acquainted with the local culture.

The main objective of the club has always been and remains the creation of a cozy environment for crewmembers, -said clubs director Roman Ermakov.  We also made sure that the seafarers could always contact their relatives. They can getaccess toall modern types of communication as well they can get free access to the Internet.Within the walls of the Interclub seafarers can choose any activity for themselves. They can read books and magazines, watch satellite TV, play sports or just sit in the bar with a beer.We regularly organize concerts, entertaining events with the participation of on stage performance groups, walking and bus tours of the city with translators, and arrange picnics in order to give the seafarers a chance to get more with  life and traditions of our country.For example this year foreign seafarers  visited the Marine Square, where they took pictures near the monument to the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia N.N. Muravyov-Amursky, visited the memorials of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the Grieving Mother, saw what the Orthodox Cathedral looks like inside, walked along other memorable places of the city.

Here, in the Interclub seafarers celebrated New Year and Christmas, spent the Easter week and even arranged a sports wee when  guests and members of the chess club participated in chess and drafts competitions for a worthy award - the International Maritime Club Cup and a special prize. The seafarers played pool and table tennis, arm wrestling, competed in arm wrestling, took part in outdoor competitions. As well as geographical and historical cognitive quizzes were  conducted with a wide variety of topics, from Russian life, fauna and flora of Primorye to the national symbols of China, the Philippines, Indonesia and India

The clubs doors are not only open to seafarer so over the past year about 12 thousands of local citizens have visited it.  In addition events organized by the city administration such as conversaziones, seminars, meetings with deputies, receptions, meetings, presentations, and international negotiations are regularly held at the Interclub.

Frequent visitors of the club are representatives of the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the SUR.Since 1998 the clubs employees have been members of our union, said Nikolai Sukhanov, chairman of the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the SUR. Here we meet with seafarers, communicate, talk about the activities of the ITF and the SUR aimed at fighting with the flags of convenience and hold consultations.This is despite the fact that we constantly visit the vessels under foreign ships, only last year we visited 65 ships and met more than 1,000 crewmembers. During such meetings we always invite crew members to visit the Interclub.After all, together with the Union representatives thestuff of the Interclub has been constantly working to ensure that the level of cultural and social services for seafarers from ships calling the port of Nakhodka only increases from year to year as this helps strengthen the global statureof the city, the region and Russia as a whole, a great sea power.