Many Thanks to the Union

The Seafarers Union of Russia represented by the chairman of the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the SUR Nikolai Sukhanov received the official massage of thanks from the mother of the seafarer from the  BMRT Ardatov. In the letter she expresses gratitude for the assistance in the trial: "Many thanks to the seafarers' union for their assistance in investigating the death of my son as well as in obtaining compensation for moral damage".

Recall that the tragedy in this family occurred on April 15, 2019, when one of the boxes with fish fell off the ship and fell onto the seafarer while carrying out work on transshipment of frozen products from the large freezing trawler Ardatov to the transport refrigeratorArcadia. The young man died from focal brain injury. A few months later the parents did not receive any payments either from the employer the fishing company Base for Active Sea Fisheries nor from the Social Insurance Fund. This happened because the guys contract did not indicate the amount of compensation in case of death.

That was a reason the parents of the seafarer applied for assistance of the Union representatives who immediately took an active part in the proceedings. In particular in court their interests were represented by trade union lawyer Vasily Savelyev. Thanks to the qualified assistance of the Union the parents were able to defend moral compensation of 1.6 million rubles through the court and the city court upheld the decision of the first instance. This means that the relatives of the seafarer were able to receive compensation for the death of his son.

With the support of the trade union criminal proceedings are underway to identify those responsible for the death of the BMDT Ardatov crewmember.