This is how the ITF works

After a routine inspection of the vessel Komet III vessel (flag of Antigua and Barbuda) conducted by the St. Petersburg ITF inspector the three top officers received about $ 2,800 - the difference in salary for the month of work.

While checking documents the ITF inspector found discrepancies with the ITF salary scale under a collective agreement. The fact is that officially seafarers received money in European currency at the cross rate of 1 euro to 1.5 US dollars which does not correspond to the current situation in the foreign exchange market. The real ratio between the two monetary units is 1 euro to 1.1 US dollars.

The ITF inspector contacted the employer and indicated a mistake in wage accounting to crewmembers after which the company conducted its own audit which confirmed the correctness of the ITF representative. So senior officers were paid theearned money and in order to avoid a recurrence of a similar situation they entered into new labor contracts. They stipulate the salary to be paid in dollars.

This case is another proof of how the problems are solved and how the ITF works when there is a collective agreement on board: promptly and most importantly - in a civilized manner