The trade union committee of the seafarers of Vladivostok reacted promptly

At the end of October 2019 the trade union committee of the city of Vladivostok received a complaintfrom the crewmembers from the vessel Silver Way (IMO 8858855, flag Sierra Leone) which was at that time was in the port of Busan, South Korea. The seafarer was worried about severe toothache. When the pain became intolerable he requested for repatriation but he agreed to return home only after that he would pay off wage arrears. As it turned out all the crew did not receive money for September.

The trade union committee immediately responded to the appeal and contacted the director of the East Line company operating the vessel.

Appeared to be that he had no idea about the complaint as he didnt receive any information about poor health either from the sailor himself or from the captain. The director assured that all crew members are insured and always receive the necessary medical care.

Regarding wage arrears he said that the crew would receive their money the same week. And so it happened.

The bank statement on the transfer of the September salary to all the crew in a total amount of $ 10,363hasbeen already delivered to the union committee. The seafarer who complained of toothache received the necessary treatment after he was taken to a medical center in South Korea.