Caring for the young generation is one of the main tasks of the union

Shop floor trade union organization of seafarers of the city of Vladivostok of the Seafarers Union of Russia has established three personal scholarships for excellent students of faculties of the Naval  University named after G.I. Nevelsky. Their size will almost triple the existing scholarships at the university, advised the chairman of the union organization Peter Osichansky during the meeting with Denis Burov, the rector of the university

We just must take care of those who come to replace us, he emphasized. It is important that the fleet is manned not only by highly professional specialists but also true patriots of the motherland. In my opinion, the most effective way to achieve this is to educate the young generation on the examples of successful and famous seafarers such as Captain Anna Ivanovna Shchetinina.

In addition the issue of resuming cooperation between the SUR and Naval University in frame of educational and patriotic direction of work with cadets was raised. Peter Osichansky reminded that earlier there was shop floor SUR organization which conducted work among young people and also provided financial assistance by establishing four personal scholarships for excellent students. Then the organization ceased to exist. Peter Osichansky is sure that the gap must be filled because this is a matter of the future well-being of cadets.

Today young people do not fully understand what a trade union is and how important solidarity is, he explained. However tomorrow, when they become seafarers and start working, protecting their own rights and defending their interests will become their daily routine and the key to prosperity and self-confidence. That is why caring for the young generation is one of the main tasks of our union.