Solidarity action inthe port of Vladivostok

Shop floortrade union organization of seafarers of the city of Vladivostok of the Seafarers Union of Russia has launched atradition to organize solidarity actions of foreignseafarers with the ITF. This time the crew of the vessel Team Challenge (IMO 9282780, the flag of the Marshall Islands), which remained for several days at the port while loading cargo from the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, took part in the  action. During a visit of Peter Osichansky, ITF inspector in Vladivostok, crew members expressed a desireto get acquainted with the city and its attractions, try Russian cuisine, and just relax on shore but  it was not easy to do this.

The reason is the so-called "allotment". Only 10-15 percent of the salary of the Filipino seafarers is paid on board.  All other money is normally transferred to the families of crew members.

This time, for some reason, the payment of the allotments was delayed. However the ITF inspector talked with the captain and he found an opportunity to pay the crew owed to them. After that the seafarers gathered in the messroom and listened to Peter Osichansky who told them about the ITF. In turn they said that they have no complaints about working and living conditions, the wage as well is paid on time. The meeting ended with the friendly exclamations of "Solidarity forever" when all present in a single impulse raised their clenched hands.

It is almost impossible to organize such an action with Russian seafarers, said Peter Osichansky with regret. Usually all crew members who are free from shift and work go home, and those remaining on the ship provide the entire technological process on board including loading, unloading, bunkering, water and provision supplies, ensuring the safety of the vessel. Philippine seafarers are the most responsive to this kind of communication. Their salary may not be as high as per the international standards but they constantly feel the concern of their union