The DVRO SUR and Stolt Tankers B.V. signed a collective agreement for 2019-2022

The Far Eastern Regional Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (DVRO RPSM) and the Norwegian company Stolt Tankers B.V. signed a collective agreement for 2019-2022. Thus the trade union and shipowner confirmed the course towards providing Russian seafarers, members of the SUR, with decent social guarantees.

According to the chairman of the DVRO SUR, Deputy Chairman of the SUR, Nikolay Sukhanov, the document takes into account all the latest amendments in accordance with the requirements of the ITF. The agreement provides theannual supplement to seafarers for the continuous service on the vessels of Norwegian shipowners in the amount of $ 100 as well as cash transfers to the company's pension fund which the employee will be able to receive upon reaching the retirement age established by Russian law. In addition while the seafarers on shore the amount of $ 500 -$ 1400 per month will be paid to the senior officers.  Under the new agreement the wage of AB will be $ 2,000, the captain - about $ 14,000.

Note that according to the terms of the collective agreement during the period of transit in war like area and high risk area the seafarers are entitled to compensation amounting to 100% of the basic wage and double compensation in case of death and injury. The document also stipulates that the company is obliged to warn seafarers about the passage of a dangerous route. Each crew member has the right not to proceed with the passage and it will not result in losing the job. So in case the seafarer does not agree to proceedthe high risk zones the shipowner is obliged to provide employment on another companys vessel.

About 500 Russian seafarers from the Primorsky regionwork on board the vessel ofStolt Tankers B.V.

The negotiations on the signing of the collective agreement were attended by the Stolt Tankers B.V. personnel manager Igor Segeda and director of the Primtanko crewing agency Vladimir Nikitenko, the interests of Russian Far Eastern seafarers  were represented by the chairman of the DVRO SUR Nikolay Sukhanov and the inspector of the DVRO SUR Vitaliy Miroshnichenko.