TPOM SUR helped to install satellite TV on SCF Endeavor

The crew of the tanker SCF Endeavor thanked the Pacific Trade Union Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (TPOM SUR) for their assistance in installing satellite television. Now we have the opportunity to brighten up our leisure time and follow the world news. All this would not have been possible without assistance from the trade union-wrote Ivan Tomshin, Master of the tanker.

Thus TPOM SUR continues to implement a social program to update and replenish ship gyms with equipment and simulators, improve telecommunication equipment for high-quality reception of television programs and Wi-Fi signal.This program was applied to SCF Endeavor in the spring of 2019 when the trade union committee filled the gymnasium on the ship with equipment. Weight plates (1.5-10 kg), grips, core stabilized pads, boxing bag, speed rope, hand-to-hand combat gloves, ankleweights - this is a short list of what Russian seafarers had at their disposal to maintain good physical form. Your repeated assistance and support was highly appreciated by the SCF Endeavor crew. We wish you and the union members success in work, stability and self-confidence.

Earlier similar help was provided by TPOM SUR to seafarers from the icebreaker Vitus Bering which operates in the oil production areas of Sakhalin Island ensuring regular supply of equipment, materials and round-the-clock safety of drilling platforms. Thepunch bag was successfully installed at the gym on board. In addition since most of the time the ship remains offshore where there is no broadcast televisions signal, a game console and satellite TV have appeared on the Vitus Bering to improve the life of seafarers and organize good rest. From this moment in all cabins on board the vessel more than 30 channels are available.Similar equipment the TPOM SUR delivered to the vessels "Alexey Chirikov", "SKF Sakhalin" and "Gennady Nevelskoy." The Pacific Trade Union Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia plans to continue to help organize leisure activities as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle among ship crews.