70 thousand rubles for employment paid by gullible seafarer

The other day another anti-record was recorded: a seafarer from Kerch paid 70 thousand rubles for employment. He faithfully made a card transfer to a representative of one of the dubious Kaliningrad crewing agency. After a couple of months he did not get any work so that  he began to call to crewing agency but to no avail. Then the seafarer applied for the Kaliningrad regional organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (KRO SUR) with a request to take measures against scammers who profit from seafarers. It should be noted that he was not a member of the trade union therefore representatives of the KRO SURcould not fully provide him legal assistance.

Any trade union is exclusively a membership organization with the stipulated trade union fees and procedures, said PetrDzendzelyuk, lawyer of KRO SUR. - This means that we can only have statutory powers to represent the interests of a seafarer if he is a member of the SUR. In addition why does someone think that a union existing for membership fees should help those who do not consider it necessary to be a member and pay these fees?

Despite this the seafarer was still helped with advice what to do and where to go. However he will have to do all this on his own.According to PyotrDzendzelyuk in the Kaliningrad regionthereare pretty enough the gullible seafarers who fall for the scums. The first place here is rightfully occupied by the city of Sovetskin which people used to give money for employment to someone literally on a bench in the yard. The maximum amount of such a gift reached a considerable amount - 55,000 rubles. Therefore I want to warn all the seafarers so that they draw the right conclusions from such stories and try to find the contacts of the trade union before they join any new shipping company. Even if they are not required for money for employment.