The shipowner paid the crew of the m / v "Vostok"

The protest rally on board the m/v Vostok  (Togo flag, IMO 8721428)has ended as the Blackmed Maritime Ltd. paid off the debts to the seafarers in the amount of more than $ 71 thousand. The information was confirmed by the chairman of the Azov-Don Territorial Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (SUR) Leonid Glushak.

Since June 20, 2019 the Vostokremains at the port of Rostov where she was detained by the PSC. The crew consists of 10 Russians and one citizen of Ukraine. The shipowner all the time used to promise to pay off the debt but never kept the word so the crew decided to hold a trade union meeting on August 12 and began a protest rally.  They performed only the work related to ensuring the life support and the safety of navigation. The actions and claims of the crew were fully supported by the Seafarers Union of Russia.

A week later the shipowner paid the outstanding wage and repatriatesthe seafarers.  New the crew arrived on board.

We have to add that the vessel is not covered by the ITF collective agreement so to stay on board until the full payment of money is done was the only right decision.