1.6 million rubles for the death of the seafarer on board

Such a decision was made by the Nakhodka City Court in the case of payment of compensation in connection with the death of a seafarer on board the vessel Ardatov" owned by the Active Marine Fisheries Base (BAMR). The assistance and legal supportfor the parents of the deceased Mikhail Erasov was provided by the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia (SURDVRO).

The tragedy occurred on April 15, 2019 during the transshipment of frozen products from the board of the large freezing trawler "Ardatov" to the transport refrigerator "Arcadia" when one of the boxes with fish fell on the seafarer. The fisherman died of focal brain injury.   But his retired parents did not receive any payments either from the employer or from the Social Insurance Fund.

That is why the mother of Mikhail Erasov applied for the assistance of the Union representatives. Only after that the matter moved off the ground.

The insurance company asked the management of the Active Marine Fisheries Base to provide them with the  a list of expenses for the burial of an employee  including the amount of compensation for death and welfareassistance,- explained Nikolai Sukhanov, Chairman of theFar Eastern Regional Organization of the Seafarers Union of Russia  . - In addition the insurer asked to inform whether the amount of compensation in the event of death was specified in the contract of Mikhail. As it turned out nothing was said about this in the document so the insurance companyrefused to pay compensation and the guys parents did not receive a penny. We decided to help them and filed a lawsuit with the court demanding to pay moral damages to the family that lost the breadwinner and won the case.

 Nikolay Sukhanov noted that the Union will assist the parents with an appeal and other litigation with the Social Insurance Fund that shall pay the amount of about 1 million rubles to the family.

Besides the sister of Mikhail Erasov wants to achieve justice and punish those responsible for the death of the seafarer. The accident investigation commission foundout that the victim was not guilty of the tragedy but the facts of violation of the safety and security rules during loading and unloading operations have beenrevealed. However a criminal case has not yet been opened as for several months the materials of the case travel between various law enforcement agencies from the investigative committee on transport to the police of Vladivostok.

The Russian Union of Seafarers recalls that the amount of compensation for death or disability must be specify in the contract of employment.  So the insurance coverage will be paid to the employer company and then will transfer to the relatives of the deceased crewmember. This is the only way for seafarer to feel secure for the future of his loved ones if something happens to him during the voyage.

We shall add that under the ITF collective agreement in case of death each crewmember is insured for about $ 105 thousand. In addition compensation is due to children so each child under 21 in the event of a tragedy will receive about $ 21 thousand.