PSC of the port of Yeisk detained the vessel "LIZORI"

The vessel LIZORI (flag of Moldova, IMO 7235070) was detained in the port of Yeisk after the inspection of port state control (PSC). The reasons for this turned out to be enough: poor technical condition and the same attitude to the seafarers. As Olga Ananina, an inspector of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) in Novorossiysk, said, the seafarers asked for assistance in obtaining a $ 11,230 outstanding wage and for repatriation. According to the Equasis database, the ship is owned by DonbassTransitService LTD., although on board the vessel there was a list of employees indicating the vessel in operated by TOV SK SK ARGO and TIP ENIPE.

In result of inspection it turned out that the shipowner not only set up a crummy salary but did not pay these crumbs either. Following the visit of PSC the seafarers received wage for two months, but it was not enough for the ship to leave Yeisk. Since LIZORI was found in a terrible technical condition it was decided to move the vessel for repair to Kherson . To assess the situation aboard the staff of the Ukrainian Shipping Register was asked to come..

The case of LIZORI once again demonstrate that the standards of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) are enforced in Russian ports, and the vessels of substandard shipowners are detained not only due to technical problems but also due to violations of seafarers rights. Crewmembers of any nationalities should know that it is possible to find support and protection, but for this, at a minimum, you need to take an active position and seek help but not silently endure the despotism of irresponsible shipowners.