The crew of the m/v "Berezovets" received support and protection from the SUR

The Rostovs branch of the SUR signed a collective agreement with the Karelflot-Service   for the vessel Berezovets (IMO 8885200). This was announced by the chairman of the Union organization  LeonidGlushak. The signing of the agreement was preceded by a labor conflict on board and negotiations.

The M / V Berezovets is a Russian vessel trading between the ports of Rostov and the Kavkaz. In March this year on board there were problems with the payment of wages to seafarers due to the fact that the volume of traffic decreased. Several crewmembers applied for assistance of  the Azov-Don Territorial Organization of the Russian Seafarers Union (ADTO RPSM), joined the  Union, expressing a desire not only to receive the outstanding wage , but also to continue working under the  SUR collective agreement. All this allowed Leonid Glushak to begin negotiations with the company.

As a result, a social dialogue between the trade union and the employer yielded positive results. Firstly, the shipowner did not deny the debts, explaining it with temporary difficultiesexperienced by the company and for the moment the almost all of outstanding wage has been already paid off as the shipping operations have been resumed. The remaining amount according to the guarantee letter  willbe paid before July 15, that is  immediately after receiving the money for freight. Secondly, during  the negotiations an agreement was reached on signing a collective agreement RPSM.

The agreement for the ship Berezovets is valid from July 1, 2019 for a period of one year with an extension for three years as agreed by the parties. In other words, the crew members received not only decent job guarantees but also full support and protection of the Seafarers Union of Russia.