FESCO and SUR agree to rise wages for Russian seafarers

The Vladivostok-based subsidiary of PAO Far Eastern Shipping Company (PAO FESCO)   and  the SUR's Primary Trade Union Organization of FESCO Seafarers concluded a new collective agreement, which begins to run from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022. The negotiations  between the  shipping company and the single representative body, which was specially established to support the  dialogue  with the  employer, preceded  the agreement.

Following the discussions, the parties arranged  to  increase the wage  rates for the  subsidiary's crews. Such as, the wage rates for ratings will be averagely risen by  30%, for the  officers  - by 5%-10%, while the annual salary indexation will be continued due to rise the consumer prices. According  to  the agreement, the social care package for the employees is  also extended. The  additions  on the  baby bonus payout  are  written in the  agreement. The amount  of the  material assistance in case of death in family will be  doubled. Besides the  life  insurance payments, the new death in service benefit is included in the agreement. The  employees also will be paid  the increased  compensation for  tourist vouchers for their  children.

The relations with the  unions are very important for  FESCO. Now we pay special attention to the  social needs of our staff  and  seek to meet  the high standards of social responsibility, Igor Sharkov,  the  director  of the  subsidiary, said. 

Under the  collective negotiations,  the unions  and FESCO held  the productive dialogue. I should  recognize the  employer's responsibility in part of the  social guarantees  and increasing  the   seafarers' wages, highlighted Nikolai Zadoyanov, the chairman at the SUR's  Primary Trade Union Organization of  FESCO Seafarers.

On photo: Igor Sharkov (centre) and  Nikolai Zadoyanov (right).