Meeting of the Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation was held

A regular meeting of the Marine  Board under the Government of the Russian Federation was held in Sevastopol. The chairman of the  Seafarers' Union of  Russia  (SUR), Yuri Sukhorukov visited the  meeting.

During the  meeting there were risen  the  national security issues in part of the  maritime activities  in 2018. Such issues as proposals for the national security and the drawing up  of the urgent  measures  for returning the  normal conditions for the  maritime activities were also discussed.

Yuri Borisov, the chairman of the Marine Board, said the  state  of  the  national security in the  maritime industry is assessed as satisfactory. At the same time,  the regular monitoring and the  preparedness for the quick actions  to neutralize new challenges and threats are required, he said. Yuri Borisov added that  the  terrorist offenses  and extremist activities against maritime transport  were prevented. Throughout the meeting the delegates actively discussed the heritage protection, including  lighthouses, the legendary warships and commercial vessels, as the  first  nuclear-powered submarine Leninsky Komsomol" and the icebreaker "Lenin", respectively.

The SUR firmly believes that the maritime heritage is a tribute  to the  famous people, particularly  the seafarers of  the commercial fleet. So, the memorial plaque dedicated to the  captain Aram Oganov was opened on October 9, 2018 in St. Petersburg. The  proposal  to memorize  the name of  the commercial seafarer was pushed forward by the Baltic Territorial Organization  of  the Seafarers' Union of Russia (SUR BTO). His name is inseparably associated with Leningrad and its history,  Baltic  Shipping Company (BSC) and the passenger  line  establishment  in the  USSR. Aram Oganov was a pioneer in organizing   of the  passenger shipping  in  BSC, when  the well-known  Leningrad-New-York and Leningrad-Montreal lines started to work. At that time  his  fame spread beyond the  USSR and actually  then Leningrad became  a  passenger shipping centre  in the country. 

The  next meeting of the  Marine Board will be  held  in September  in St. Petersburg. The  agenda  will include such issues as  validating  of  the outer  limits of the  continental shelf of the  Russian Federation and   the prospects for its development and study. There will be  discussed  measures for  the development of the  cruise shipping and compliance with the IMO's marine fuel  requirements.

Reference: The Marine Board under the Government of the Russian Federation is a permanent  body ensuring the coordinated actions between the federal executive authorities, executive authorities of  the  constituent entities of the Russian Federation and organizations in part of  the maritime activities, researching and exploitation of the World Ocean, the Arctic and  the Antarctic.

Source: marine.gov.ru; SUR BTO