M/v Pola Devora: the crew is protected by ITF collective agreement

M/v Pola Devora (flag of Malta, IMO 9471654), protected by the  ITF collective bargaining agreement, has called at the  Port of Nakhodka. The  representatives   of  the Far Eastern Regional Organization of the  Seafarers' Union of Russia (SUR FERO) have decided to visit the  ship and to witness  for themselves that  it's  okay on  the ship. 

The vessel with the Australian alumina on board was under cargo unloading.  Its crew  gave them a kind reception especially because  the SUR is a signer  of the  ITF collective agreement. Nikolai Sukhanov, the  leader of the  SUR FERO, said that the ship operator is the  Belgian  INOK N.V. The crewing agency,  which employed 20 Karelians,  is based  in St. Petersburg.

The social guarantees for the crew are on the highest level:  an able seaman's wage  is $1,590 and a captain's wage  is $9200.   Besides  the ITF agreement, there are  the  Insurance Certificates which the Maritime Labour Convention requires. According to the collective agreement,  in  the event of death a crew member is insured for $104,866. 

Talking to the  seafarers   it  became   clear that some  of them  haven't  the SUR membership cards.  The SUR FERO offered  to resolve this misunderstanding and invited them in the  office. The inspectors also highlighted that during  the ship call in Nakhodka  they  always can come  to the  union office as for  business as for have a chat. 

We have known  it was first time when Karelian crew visited the Primorsky Krai, - N. Sukhanov said. Taking into account  the  long-term berthing of  the  ship, the  union, in cooperation  with the Nakhodka International Marine Club, decided  to organize for the seafarers   several tours into the  Ussuri taiga. They also informed the master  that during  the anchorage a bus can   be ordered  to deliver the  free-of-watch seafarers into the  InterClub and back them into the ship. For those  who cannot  leave the vessel, we delivered the new editions of  the Morskoy Profsoyuzny Vestnik magazine and the  regional union newspapers and books, which the  seafarers actively took into their  cabins.

It remains  to note  the  crews are satisfied with the labour  conditions. They haven't  any   complaints,  the  wages are paid  on time. If  a vessel has the ITF bargaining  agreement,  the seafarers work in such conditions.