Violated rights of Rambow crew are restored

The Russian inspectors from the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) found breaches  in a payment scheme for  the crew of the Germany-flagged Rambow (IMO 9354478). It was found when  the inspector came on the  ship's board  at the Port of St. Petersburg. 

Learning the  documents  the ITF representative has rose some doubts regarding the wages of the Filipinos, who rotated the previous crew. The  inspector discovered  that the  wages were lower than the  contracts specified. A company denied  this information and sent the wage scheme to the  inspector showing the base for  crew payments. But the officer hasn't been  convinced  in  the accuracy of payments. To recheck  the information he got  in  touch  with an agreement signer the  Germany union Ver.di which confirmed his suspicions. In fact the wages have been paid by  the shipowner in accordance  with  the last year's  wage scheme.

Following Ver.di  sent an actual document and the company  had had no choice  to recognize  its mistake and  make a calculation. According to changes each member of the  Rambow  crew was paid $30-40 for  few weeks of work. 

The situation again proves that all disputes will be resolved  in  a quick and civilized manner if a ship has a collective agreement  containing the clear  and transparent conditions.