Crew of M/V SUNROAD YATSUKA again voiced the wish to work under ITF collective agreement

The  Panama-flagged Sunroad Yatsuka (IMO 9317274) is  just one of eight large vessels owned by Japanese  Kyowa Sansho KK, which isn't  covered by a collective agreement  of the  International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF). Its crew expressed the wish  to work under the ITF's agreement as  other seafarers employed by the  Japanese shipowner. 

The Far Eastern Regional Organization  of the Seafarers' Union of Russia (SUR FERO) addressed a notice  to Kyowa Sansho KK, requiring  to conduct negotiations  on the agreement signing. Today the SUR FERO's reps have visited   the ship at the  Port of Nakhodka. There were 18 Filipinos and Japanese captain. According to the documents, a base rate for an AB was $550, however the ILO-recommended   minimum rate was $614. 

 - We visited the  ship second time, - Nikolai Sukhanov, the  chairman at the  SUR FERO, said.  -  For the first time  we visited the Sunroad Yatsuka  late last year. Then based on results of our meeting  with the seafarers, we addressed our first notice  to the  shipping company offering  to start negotiations. But the Kyowa Sansho KK's managers didn't respond. It's strange, but all company's fleet, expect the  one, works  under collective agreement. As a result the  decent employment  is guaranteed for  crews  of other vessels, but   the seafarers  of Sunroad Yatsuka aren't.

The Sunroad Yatsuka's crew went at the  ship's  stern  to hold the action against flags of convenience (FoC) and, first of all, against  the violation of their  rights. We explained them that for shipowners  in high-taxed countries  to change a flag into convenience  is like a tax heaven. As we know such countries with open registry, as Panama, haven't  any  taxes  or if they have, the  existing taxes are very low.  Also the  ships registered under FoCs can hire  the cheapest, as possible, labour force,  and pay crew the minimum wage rates and cut  the  costs through deteriorating of their living conditions. The  flags of convenience  attract  the  shipowners  by this. The ITF and the  seafarers' unions  pay special attention  to the  working  and living conditions on such vessels, Nikolai Sukhanov explained. 

The SUR's Far Eastern Regional Organization again sent the  notice to Kyowa Sansho KK offering  to come into negotiations and  conclude  the ITF's agreement  with the All Japan Seamen's Union.