Gas carriers Grand Aniva and Grand Elena completed more than 300 voyages

SCF Group celebrated the tenth anniversary of the start of shipments of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as part of the Sakhalin II project.

Thus, in March 2009,  gas carrier Grand Aniva took on board  and delivered to consumers the first shipment of Russian LNG produced from the Sakhalin-2 project. Since then, Russia has become a full-fledged  member of the club of LNG exporting countries, which at that time numbered only 15 countries.

These two Sovcomflot's  gas carriers - Grand Aniva and Grand Elena -  are servicing  the Sakhalin-2 project on a regular basis. A distinctive feature of these vessels is the reinforced ice class hull, corresponding to the international class 1B, and the reinforced 1C ice class engine, which allows the vessel to operate in crushed ice up to 40 cm thick.

Over 10 years, Grand Aniva and Grand Elena completed more than 300 voyages and delivered  about 43.5 million cubic meters of LNG. 

Sovcomflot is our long-time social partner. Many seafarers consider it an honor to work on such ships as Grand Aniva and Grand Elena, because in addition to good working conditions and social guarantees, they get much more: they create the history of the Sakhalin-2 project with their participation. And this is especially valuable, - the Seafarers' Union of Russia said.

For reference: Sovcomflot has been an independent owner and operator of gas carriers since 2006; it became the first Russian company in history that was able to successfully enter this global shipping sector. At present SCF Group has a fleet of 13 gas carriers which generate steady revenues, the share of gas devision in the company's total revenue base is growing.