Wages are paid in full and on time

German company  Ost-West-Handel und Schiffahrt GmbH and Afalina (St. Petersburg) engaged in OWH ships manning are the responsible social partners of  Seafarers' Union of Russia (SUR), which has been proved once again during the visit of M/V BALTIC PRINCE (flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines) by SUR BTO (Baltic Territorial Organization) Inspectors. The 18 crew members comprise 15 from Russia, one from Ukraine, one from Belarus and one from Kazakhstan. It is the specific feature of the OWH to man their vessels with seafarers from the states which are  former Soviet Republics. The compan believes such approach contributes to mutual understanding, in addition all crew speak Russian language. 

BALTIC PRINCE arrived at St. Petersburg from Ecuador, then she will proceed to the Republic of South Africa  The cargo on board is chemicals. 

The OWH's fleet are operated under the FOCs, but all vessels have ITF approved collective bargaining agreements, SUR BTO notes. Union's Inspectors in St. Petersburg have been visited this vessel several times and have found out that the crew receive  their wages in full and on time, and the time schedule of repatriation are followed. Thus, the company comply with its obligations according to the collective agreement.

Under the  provisions of ongoing collective agreements, SUR BTO Inspectors freely visit the OWH's vessels calling at the port of  St.Petersburg. Thus, they can communicate crew members and  get to know actual situation on board.  

And this time again  SUR BTO Inspectors met the BALTIC PRINCE crew members, handed them trade-union information materials, fresh issue of Maritime Unions Gerald, and the seafarers could ask their questions and share their concerns and suggestions.