Boris Shtokolov is arrested for debts

According to the Southern Transport Prosecutor's Office website, the Novorossiysk Transport Prosecutor's Office  investigated the wage-debt appeals of two crews from M/V  Boris Shtokolov. To recover RUB430,000 debt from  the shipowner OOO NovoInterTrans, the  Prosecutor addressed a claim into the Oktyabr District Court in Novorossiysk. 

The  partial wage arrears are said to have  a third engineer and motorman for five and three months, respectively.  

Based on the Prosecutor's appeal, the vessel is arrested to enforce a court decision and it will be lift after the wage debts' returning.

Equasis shows that the owner of M/V Boris Shtokolov is CINER MARINA TERSANE and its operator is MIR RO RO TRANSPORT CO LTD. Both companies are Turkish.  But the situation is different  in fact. Andrei Eremeyev, who is the  chairman of the Union Committee of the  Novorossiysk City Territorial Seafarers' Organization  at the SUR's Black and Azov Seas Territorial Organization, unveils the real owner  of M/V Boris Shtokolov:

The ship is under Russian flag and thereby  it is registered  in the Russian Bareboat Charter Register  under  -36-61-286 on January 25, 2016. According to the  document its owner is OOO NovoInterTrans. In fact, the company isn't the  owner of the   vessel, but the ship  is operated by Valery Ivanovich Revunkov, who became  infamous after wage-debt situations on two ships Novorossiysk and Sevastopol. At the  time, the  sum of wage arrears was RUB45,779,917 on both ships. Unfortunately, the  wage debts  on M/V Boris Shtokolov is a follow-up of his activity. In this context, I would recommend the seafarers to increase vigilance during their employment, particularly  in troubled waters  of the Black Sea, where the similar cases are common.