M/V Akca 1 detained at the port of Taganrog over unpaid wages to the crew

The Port State Control of Taganrog detained the M/V Akca 1 (flag of Panama) due to the  4 months- unpaid wages to the crew. The vessel will not leave the port till the full payment of  debts,  Leonid Glushak, Chairman of the Azov-Don Territorial Organization of the Seafarers' Union of Russia (SUR ADTO) told. The owner of this ship - Akca  Shipping Corporation, also the owner of the notorious M/V Streamline, where the employer's debt before the crew amounts to $135000. 

The M/V Akca 1 was detained on 18, March. According to Chairman  of SUR ADTO, the crew on board consists of 14 seafarers: one Georgian, 4 Azerbaijanians and 9 Ukrainians. There is no any collective agreement on board the ship. The International Transport Workers' Federation and SUR didn't receive any complaints about non-payment from the crew.   

 At present time the Turkish company is charged just over  the debts before the crew of the vessel detained at Taganrog, - Leonid Glushak adds. - But the Union makes every effort to detain the vessel in Taganrog till the company pay all due money to the crew members of both vessels Akca  1 and  Streamline. We discussed this measure with Volgo-Don Transport Prosecutor's Office, where the crew of the second vessel have already filed a legal complaint about the months-long unpaid wages.  The Prosecutors have promised us to consider such opportunity.  

Let us recall, that the crew members of the Streamline have not been paid from the 3th of June, 2018. On 11, June, the vessel arrived in Turkey for dock repairs  and anchored at Istanbul port. Then, upon the request from the company Alpeks,  that allegedly had chartered the vessel, the Istanbul court ordered the arrest of the Streamline, the proceeding concerning  the possible  removing of the arrest was scheduled  on the 2nd  of April.