Unpaid wages leaded to criminal case

The systematically unpaid wages became  a reason to launch a criminal case against a shipowner. Despite the  court had taken a decision  in favour of a seafarer  as a claimant and required to recover the wage debt against OOO Transport Shipping Company, the  employer kept breaking  the  labour law and not paying  to crews.

The investigative authorities of the  Far Eastern Transport Investigation Agency opened  the  criminal case on outstanding wages of 17-crew Pacific following the  seafarers had been filing  several claims in  different authorities, including  the Seafarers' Union of Russia.  The total amount  of wage  debt is more RUB1,7million.   The director-general at OOO Transport Shipping Company was a defendant in the  criminal case.

The  investigators had turned the spotlight  on the  problem  and unfair company  recovered the debt  partly or RUB865,000.  Work upon debt repayment  is going  on.

Previously the SUR FERO received an unpaid-wage  claim from a chief engineer  of Pacific, Nikolai Sukhanov, the  chairman at the  SUR's Far Eastern Regional Organization, said. Sergei Nikolayevich Vasilyev, our lawyer in Vladivostok, prepared the  documents for their  applying to  court. The  claim was satisfied  by court. According to ruling, OOO Transport Shipping Company payed RUB559,262 to the  chief engineer.