Other three Palladiy crew members will be sent to Russia

A shipowner has no money on crew maintenance, said Nikolai Sukhanov, the  chairman at the  SUR's  Far Eastern  Regional Organization (SUR FERO). Therefore, three of five crew members, remaining on Palladiy, is planned to be sent to Russia till the week end. 

Previously, Nikolai Sukhanov reported that there werent wage arrears  on the  shipboard. Every repatriated seafarer was paid  money assigned in  a contract and seafarers who was remaining  on Palladiy got the salaries.

15-man crew Palladiy was detained at Busan, South Korea, on wage debt-ground. After four-month berthing at the  port, a captain attempted to leave Korea without  clearance in late  August. The  national coast guard supported by a helicopter-borne operation  detained  and returned the  vessel  into the port. The shipowner, stayed   at the  board  meanwhile,  and also the  captain, a chief engineer and  a  seaman were placed under pretrial detention.  The South Korean court accused them  of putting up a resistance and a punishment evasion. The seafarers deny  their  guilty. 

According to Nikolai Sukhanov, previously the  court placed  the ship under  the  guarding  of a  Korean company, which would   maintain the ship. The  next hearing on  the Russians' case  is scheduled during  which the coast guard  personnel detained Palladiy would  be questioned.

The shipowner has  no money  to maintain remaining five crews, to buy  the  shore power supply and provisions. Currently,  the consulate takes  all attempts  to repatriate  three seafarers. Appropriate documents are being prepared. Other two seafarers staying  at the  shipboard were  included  in a defendants' list and, subsequently,  there are six defendants instead of four.  These two crew members will be  moved  in a hotel or  another place where  they will wait  the  court  hearing, told Nikolai Sukhanov quoting Roman Bykov, Russian consul in Busan.

Source:  TASS