5th edition of MPV published

The 5th edition of Morskoy Profsoyuzny Vestnik (MPV) magazine has been  issued in 2018. It highlights whether  the unions would continue to fight against adopted pension reform, and also about  the captain's  role  in modern shipping and the undesirable  list of ships for seafarers' employment.

Reportedly,  the  law on the  retirement-age raising  were signed on October 3. According to it, gradual increasing of pension age to 65 for  men  and to 60 for  women  will be started  from January 1, 2019.  Yet the  bill won't be  applied to the   citizens entitled to benefits including commercial seafarers. Although there is no guarantee that the  system  for  these citizens  wouldn't  be transformed at the   next step of reforms.

 On October 9, the memorial plaque dedicated to the sea captain Aram Mikhailovich Oganov, who was a Hero of  Social Labour, was  opened in St.Petersburg. The memorial sign was posted on the wall of  the  Building A, on 184 Nevsky Prospekt. Here  the  famous seafarer  lived till 2008. Before  there wasn't any memorial sign in honour  of the seafarers of merchant fleet in  a maritime  capital of  Russia.  But now  this historical injustice has  been resolved.

The  collective agreements were signed between the Seafarers' Union of  Russia (SUR) and  two  shipping companies, Stolt Tanker B.V. and Nakhodkatanker. By this step they confirmed the  course  toward providing the decent  social guarantees  for seafarers. Learn more  about the conditions within  the  Russian seafarers  will  work in Morskoy Profsoyuzny Vestnik magazine.

Also in the 5th  issue you can find the FAQs about the  amendments  to the Maritime Labour Convention, why the Sovcomflot's captains chose  their profession  and also information on the  first  foreign voyage of M/V Belomorsky-14 which  shaped the  course for   the Karelian  vessels heading  with export and import  cargoes on board through rivers, channels, lakes and seas.

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