Seafarers are grateful to the SUR and the ITF

Nikolay Sukhanov (Chairman of the SUR Far Eastern Organization) informs that on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, the SUR Far Eastern Organization received a message of thanks from the crewmembers of the above vessel (attached, in Russian).

They thank the ITF and the SUR for the assistance in recovering wage arrears for 3 months in the amount of around USD64,000. Also they say thanks to mass media which supported them. The message was written down from the words )over the phone from the port of Ulsan, RK) by 2nd Mate Mr.Pavel Gerasimov on behalf of the whole crew.

Currently the Transport Prosecutors Office in Nakhodka is investigating this case. It is interesting that the seafarers contracts even do not mention the contact details of crewing company in Vladivostok which employed them. The beneficial owner is the NEW MARINE TECHNLOOGIESE GROOPS, registered on the Marshall Islands (according to Equasis, the ben. Owner is supposed to be in Nakhodka, 88 Portovaya str., but in fact no company is there). The Prosecutors Office is prepared to find out all details and the persons responsible for non-payments.