In a Year the Number of the SUR Members in Sevastopol Increased by Almost 650 Seafarers

The progress in activity of the youngest branch of Seafarers' Union of Russia the SUR Primary Organization of Sevastopol (SUR PPOOM of Sevastopol) cheers up. The number of seafarers, registered with this primary trade union organization, increases every month.

Back in May 2015, when the organization took legal registration, the number of SUR members in that region was only seven. In April 2016 this number increased to 639. For the incomplete last year this primary trade union organization helped to recover back wages totaling more than $65647US and 909US to the crewmembers of the vessels Green Brasil, Green Maveric, Interspray, Amur 2515, Tallas, Sea Venus, Yener C and RigStar.

In many cases the assistance to seafarers has been provided in cooperation with Sevastopol transport prosecutor's office and the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF). For example, when  the crew of the M/V Tallas had applied for the non-payment of wages the vessel was detained by the code 30. The SUR International Relations Department renders assistance either. Thus, it helped to secure $30000US compensation for death of a crew member of the M/V Lambay, - says the Chairman of the SUR Primary Organization of Sevastopol Artem Boev.

Also, Artem Boev cooperated with the Crimean transport prosecutor's office in the case of repatriation of a seafarer from the M/V "VBC Magellan. As a result, the seafarer returned home in safety.

In 2016 the Union continued its work on safeguarding seafarers' rights. The SUR Sevastopol branch addressed appeals, seafarers' complaints about unpaid wages - eventually it was returned $6500US. Besides, the union contributed in recovering $115139US compensation for the seafarers death.

Though the SUR branch in Sevastopol is very young - much has been done, and still more to be done.