Northern Territorial Organization Helped Seafarers Keep 5.5 Million Rubles in 2016

In the first nine months of 2016 the Legal Department of the SUR Northern territorial organization  helped their members to keep about 5.5 million rubles of due wages.

This is not about back wages, this is about protection of  labor rights of seafarers and members of the  fraternal dockers' union. Thus, the  port authorities tried to bring to disciplinary liability workers of JSC "Arkhangelsk Sea Commercial Port" and on that ground to revoke their annual award. The union went  to court and advocated the interests of  42 union members. So, the total amount of  earnings which the union secured for dockers reached 4 million rubles. (The average amount of the payment due to the worker covered by the regulations on  bonuses for the year in the absence of disciplinary sanctions is about 100 000 Rub.).

Often employers try to restrict the legitimate interests of trade union members where union brabches are not well-established yet or enroll a small number of seafarers. The Northern territorial organization faced such situation while protecting the interests of five  seafarers union members employed on the vessel "Neotrazimyi" operated by the North-West regional search and rescue team of MES of Russia. The seafarers were paid over 300 000 Rub. of disputed wages only after their appeal to a court. The trial was lasting for three months and finally ended with reaching an amicable agreement. After the trial, the issue of 1.2 million rubles payment owed to other crewmembers was settled by award payments.