FOC WOA 26-30 January 2015

During five days of the FOC WOA from 26 to 30 January 2015 there were 20 vessels inspected in the ports of Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Vostochniy, four of them were flying Russian flag.

Most of problems were revealed aboard the FOC and Russian-flagged vessels owed by Russian owners. The same shipping companies came in view of trade union and ITF Inspectors: Rusam Shipping Co. (m/v Pattana), Inderton Shipping Co. (m/v Amgu, Samarga), MV-Line Co.(m/v General Krivonos). Ex-crewmembers of Rusam Shipping Co., failed to get owed wages from August 2013. Seafarers employed by Inderton Shipping Co. dont receive salary for 3-4 months. Our Japanese colleagues inspected m/v Samarga owed by Inderton Shipping Co. in Tokyo and revealed over 3-month backpay problem.

Primary trade union organization of Vladivostok had to apply to the Courts and detain the fishing vessel Koryakskoye Nagorye to secure the backpay claim of over 3 million rubles (about USD 46 150).

During FOC WOA SUR/TCC agreement approved by the ITF was renewed for the m/v Vladmir M.

The FOC WOA held in the ports of Far East Russia demonstrated again that the only way out for most of fishermen and seafarers in trouble is to apply to the ITF and trade union to resolve their problems.