FOC WoA: 2nd day

On the 2nd day of the WoA, our teams worked near Cape Astafyev (in the Nakhodka Merchant Port). All in all, 4 vessels were checked. Our main task was to make sure that there are the MLC-2006 certificates and ITF acceptable CBAs on board.

1) The first visited vessel was m/v "CMB YASMIN"  (flag of Hong Kong).  Crew of 21, all Filipinos. We checked the documents (CBA and NLC-2006 Certificate, all in shipshape), distributed ITF magazines and replied their questions. First of all, they wanted to know the Ruble to US Dollar exchange rate, how they could get to Nakhodka Seamens Club, and whether they could use telephone there [to call home]. Also, they asked a number of questions about the MLC and the ITF Inspectorate work worldwide. Since we have just brought fresh newspapers from Manila, we gave those to the crew, too, and told them about the Manila maritime unions summit of 12-13 June 2014. Then, the crewmembers agreed to take a small picket at the stern. Now, the vessel is being loaded with coal and will proceed for Indonesia.

2) m/v "CHENG LU 2" (flag of Panama), crew are Chinese the documents, again, were OK, and the crew had no claims concerning their wages or insurance (life insurance for USD85,000). Again, we replied the crews questions. The vessel was receiving a load of metal for South Korea. Alongside the vessel we talked to women who were counting the cargo (metal ingots). We asked the whether they find it difficult to work at port but they said that since they do not do any rough labor like actually loading those ingots, they did not mind it. We told them about the WoA, and advised that we work in close cooperation with the Dockers union so should they have any problems they could also turn to our unions.

3) Again, we had no problems with m/v "PAN HARMONY" (flag of Panama). The crew is of 2 Koreans (Master and Chief Engineer) and 21 Filipino crewmembers; they were very hospitable, showed us around the vessel and offered a lunch. The crews new (2010 year of build) and in excellent condition. The crews quite content with working and payment conditions. Wages paid timely and in full. The crew asked questions about situation in Russia, and whether they could visit the Seamens Club in Nakhodka.

4) Yet, we had some problems with the fourth vessel, the m/v "AYIA MARINA" (flag of Cyprus). They do not an ITF acceptable CBA. The owner (hes a Greek) avoids any contacts with the ITF and saves money by just underpaying to the seafarers: an AB gets just below USD1,000. Protective clothes seem to be another expenditure item where the owner wants to avoid expenses. Life insurance is only USD10,000 per person. The crew took part in a picket on board. We advised the Master that the SUR will send the Owner a notice urging him to sign a CBA in Nakhodka before the vessels departure otherwise we will ask our colleagues in the next port of call (which is Portland) to check the vessel again when in Portland, and sign a proper ITF CBA.