FOC WoA: 1st day

On the 1st day of the FOC WoA from the 4 vessels checked here, only one did not have a CBA.

The crewmembers of m/v Zolotaya Kolyma did not know for which amount they were uinsured against accidents. They decided to join the SUR. The vessel works on the Nakhodka Magadan line. The SUR Far Eastern Organization will send a notice to the owners urging to enter into collective bargaining process. Upon the vessels next call to Nakhodka we plan to hold a meeting on board, in order to explain the SUR activities and distribute forms of the request to join the Union.

On all the visited vessels, none have wage arrears.

In the port of Vostochny, the crew of m/v Franbo Wind wanted to visit the Seamens Club. So we arranged a bus to bring them there for 6 PM.

On all vessels, we were explaining the work of the SUR and the ITF and dispersed ITF ans SUR magazines.