How to join the SUR

How to join the Seafarers Union of Russia

  1. SUR membership is voluntary.
  1. If you want to join our trade-union, write an application, fill in a member form, pay an entrance fee and register a membership card. You can apply to any regional (territorial) or primary branch of SUR.
  • You can also send us a fax or a telegram from board the ship where you should indicate a number of seafarers who is willing to become a member and their full names.
  • You can also use a warrant signed by the Master or confirmed by the telephone call of the applicant.
  • Please, note that application by fax or telegram has a temporary effect. To become a permanent member so as to be able to have a full support from SUR you need to register a membership card and pay the entrance fee.

SUR is not obliged to deal with its members’ cases concerning wage arrears, etc. which took place before they became members of SUR, but anyhow we can support you on a case-by-case basis.

  1. SUR members are to pay membership fees which amount to 2% of gross wages. As a rule membership fees are paid personally. If there is the ITF collective agreement between the shipowner and the SUR, membership fees are transferred to the account of SUR.
  1. Members of SUR in good standing (regularly paying union dues) enjoy full union support. If membership fees are not paid for three months after receiving the wages, membership is suspended. In further three months if the arrears are not settled the seafarer is excluded from SUR with no right of reinstatement.
  1. Members of SUR who are not in arrears, can apply to SUR lawyers for free legal advice, as well as their immediate relatives.